Re-Read 2015!

Re-Read Challenge

I would by no means call myself a homebody. If there is a place to visit, a plane to catch, an adventure to be had, I am there! However, there comes a point where I am just happy to be back in my own bed. That point has finally come. For my husband and I, the holidays mean weeks upon weeks spent in the car driving up and down the Eastern United States. With no kids and flexible schedules, this holiday was no exception – traveling between Florida, North Alabama, Ohio, and New Orleans (for the Sugar Bowl, nonetheless) was no joke. FINALLY we have settled back home and into a routine. Surprisingly, with all that traveling, I did not get through many books. Instead, I was hard pressed to binge watch The Office (the US version) since I was the only person breathing who had not seen that show.

Now, I am done with The Office and have sworn to myself that I will not start another television series until I have gotten back to flipping some pages. (Unfortunately, I have not kept said promise, but the new show isn’t nearly as addicting.) This means I finally get to write a post I have been contemplating for weeks – the Re-Read Challenge for 2015! Basically, I will be re-reading a book/series a month and probably will even write a review on it. I personally LOVE re-reading books because it usually does one of four things for me:

  1. I fall in love with the book all over again.
  2. The Honeymoon Phase ends and the starry-eyes fade, allowing me to finally see the book’s weaknesses.
  3. I grow to love the book despite/because of its flaws.
  4. I might even begin to like a book I initially wasn’t fond of (because really, can you ever HATE a book?).

I guess another option would be that I would be reminded of why I didn’t like a book in the first place, but it has been a long time since I have read a book I didn’t like. Usually, it takes a lot of convincing for me to re-read a book I did not like.

So without further ado, here is my almost completed list of books I will be re-reading this year!

January: The first two installments of Shannon A. Thompson’s Timely Death Trilogy, Minutes Before Sunset and Seconds Before Sunrise. You can read my review of the first two here. I am really excited to re-read these since I received the PDF of the final installment! (Yes, I know January is almost over, so this re-read review might come early February. January has been a busy month, and my desire to read has waned a bit, as it tends to do from time to time.)
February: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, because Love.
March: The Divergent Trilogy – If ever I was in the Honeymoon Phase with a series, this was it! Read them all in a week and cried like a newborn at the end. I thought, unlike a large portion of society, that the ending was fitting and Veronica Roth was a brave new favorite author. Then I started talking to friends … and my opinions began to waver because I am easily persuaded. Now that I have read and discussed multiple opinions, I am so ready to re-read this series and see what happens to my thoughts. So what better time to re-read than right before the movie premier of Insurgent. Who knows, I might even read Four this month too.
April: Perhaps I will take my birthday month to re-read the beloved Harry Potter series. You can never read that too many times, right?
May: Twilight series – Now that I have read the Fifty Shades trilogy and also grown up quite a bit (I don’t consider these two events to be connected), I look forward to re-reading this series that I loved and devoured once upon a time. It should be interesting to see how my thoughts have changed.
June: Anniversary month means I will be reading one of my most beloved finds, Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series. If you have not read this series, please do so! It is amazing! This will be my third fourth time re-reading this series, and it never gets old! Hannah at So Obsessed With brings up some great points about the series after she re-read it. So if you have read the series or are contemplating reading it, you should definitely check out what she has to say.
July: Shannon A. Thompson’s Take Me Tomorrow, which I have reviewed. The sequel Take Me Yesterday was slated to come out this year, however some hiccups may postpone that indefinitely. And though the book lacked a certain something to completely captivate me last time I read it, I do look forward to reentering the storyline again.
October: I want something a little creepy or scary, perhaps I might read The Girl with All the Gifts instead of listening to it on Audible. Or maybe I will read something by James Patterson, some murder-mystery or thriller. OR maybe this would be the perfect month to re-read Harry Potter since it deals with all that is magical. However, I have a lot going on August through the rest of 2015, so we will see how this goes…
November: The Hunger Games trilogy – I am skipping months because I don’t know when I will re-read what, but because the final movie comes out in November, this is the perfect time to re-read the Hunger Games. This is probably the one book series I disliked so much the first time around. My sister-in-law convinced me to give it another shot though, and I am so thankful I did! I am positive I will write a review on this series (maybe even book-by-book), so I will save my many thoughts until then. For now, let me just say this is a series I love more and more every time I read it, despite and because of its flaws. I love this trilogy so much that I even wrote a capstone (basically a mini-dissertation) on it for college. The lessons and themes in this book are fantastic!

Some other books I am thinking about rereading:

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
Pandora’s Daughter
Anna Karenina 
– I know, I know. Why would I read such a long and old book for fun? Can I be honest? This is one of the most intriguing and beautifully tragic books I have ever read. Tolstoy explores the human emotion, faith, and struggles in such an intricate way. Because of this, I have been itching to re-read Anna Karenina for awhile now. So what better time?
I would love to hear if and what books you plan on re-reading, even if you aren’t doing the challenge! Any suggestions for my empty months?


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